During a five year run with The Black Eyed Peas, touring, producing and writing with everyone from Mos Def to Tupac, I became coined as a modern day Bush-Woman by fellow artists. I became the "Go To" for remedies that helped reboot overworked unrested bodies; expected to perform at high levels. And that gave me purpose and balance under high pressure conditions on the road, studio and while filming. After my departure in 2000, I began spiritual work that challenged my ideologies around my race, artistic endeavors and faith.  I was constantly asking myself  What's NEXT?  Cut to motherhood and the birth of NEXT OF KIM Natural Body Care which launched in 2017 to rave reviews.

My love for Art and design inspired me to expand the brand from natural Body Care to textile, rug and furniture design after creating and launching custom Hand Woven Chairs in 2020. The marriage was serendipitous and an homage to my mother and late grandmother in my first collection called Hazel & Shirley. It's the intersection that bridges the African Diaspora and Black American culture, while honoring the sacrifices of my ancestors which remains a constant source of inspiration.

NOK is the denouement of what happened when I went from mixing records to mixing ingredients. Where activism and style became inseparable allies. It's what choosing your peace of mind looks like.

Thanks for joining me....

Kim Hill