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This collection is an homage to my late grandmother Hazel and my 80 year old mom Shirley.
These Conway Arkansas Natives understood style and silhouette in ways that were unique to their body types with universal appeal. 
They often opted for making their own clothing and patterns, and preferred signature pieces to trends. My inspirations come from my grandmother's  infamous cedar chests bursting with vintage costume jewelry and handmade rugs on a loom, to my mothers larger than life Afghans that covered our bodies with cables, flowers and knotted designs. Love was in everything they touched which made my brother, sister and me always feel safe, loved and fresh to def.

My mom and grandmother wouldn’t have considered themselves textile designers, seamstresses or Alchemists. But they were. They were and still are stately Black women who raised their families understanding where we slept and ate mattered to our happiness and well being. 

And that is why, now more than ever I’m launching this division. We’re  in a global shift and spending more time in our living spaces than we are accustomed to. I hope to bring more joy, color, imagination and wonder into your homes, outside onto your yards and deep in the soul of your hearts.
Comfort is self affirming and everyone is worthy.

I’m so grateful for this moment to share what is possible when our creativity and passions align. 
This is my NEXT level. What’s NEXT for you?