100% Pure Eucalyptus Crystals from Morocco

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Having issues with allergies? Sinuses? Flu? Joint pain? A few Pure Eucalyptus crystals from Morocco in a mug of hot water or the bathtub will drain your sinuses, help with congestion, detoxing and gentle lymph drainage.

PLEASE NOTE!!!! These are very potent and strong. You ONLY need 2-3 crystals in a mug of hot water while you inhale the steam and vapors. It's helpful to close the door and place the mug with the hot water and crystals close to your bed to maximize the benefits of the vapors. Excellent for assisting children and adults with breaking up congestion and optimal breathing before bed and throughout the day.

You may also lean over the mug 3-5 inches while inhaling through the nose, but I'd recommend closing your eyes so they don't become irritated.

These are ideal to travel with and or bring to work. It's easy to use them while on the go, during a lunch break or while at home to relieve symptoms.

In the TUB, no more than 2-3 crystals is recommended. Even when the tub is full. Too many crystals can make the water feel like dry ice and although it's not harmful, it can be uncomfortable to the skin.

Moderation is key with these crystals while you learn what works best for you and your family and how many can be tolerated.

Store in a cool dry place and enjoy the endless benefits of these ancient healing crystals. You'll love them. 

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