Noir Rocco by NOK Fatima Lip Stain Tajine-- Out of Stock

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So. There's a lip stain and then there's a Moroccan Lip Stain Tajine in Fatima from NOK. The latter is where your search stops for that perfect color. Why? For starters, this gorgeous stain is made with a botanical blend of dried poppy petals and pomegranate bark that's sunbaked into a hand painted Tajine. It's 100% natural/vegan and is true to the NOK standard of safe, healthy beauty. The stain in the pot lasts for many moons and once on your lips it stays put. Just add a bit of water or Prickly Pear oil to your finger or a brush and apply. This also doubles as a blush, which compliments any set of cheekbones. AND it's an import from MOROCCO just in case you can't get there... we got you.

The only downfall is that you'll have to fight off all of the attention you'll be getting. Consider yourself warned and enjoy.

And just in case you forgot... it's 100% Natural and Vegan, as well as nut, gluten and cruelty free.

What's NEXT for you? A lip that won't quit.

Click here for a tutorial.